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Online store of handmade clothing
lion park site.
And not only about lions.
Gorgeous photos, a relatively small assortment and a claim to premium = design focus on the photos, a minimum of decorative noise and a grid with a twist.
Information portal with updated navigation and detailed information about the park and its services. Redesign of the outdated site.
URURU Online Shop
Lions Park
Landing page
That's how can I help you
Multi-page website
One page about one product. Or a service. Or an event.
A site that tells about your business in detail.
Sell a bunch of goods. The site will accept payment and carry out inventory control. Yes, it's automated!
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from $500
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Price without surprise
Here's my work principles
I calculate the cost of the project specifically for you, with explanations of how much it costs and why. The price depends on the amount of work and time, which means that your budget is under your control.
Time is important
On the crest of a wave
You are interested in getting your project ASAP, I am interested in completing it ASAP too. But this never affects the quality of the project.
Your site will be relevant for many years to come due to its logical structure and cleanliness. And it will always be user-friendly.
What is
Tilda is a website builder.
Simple for hobbyists, fast for professional designers.
The site on Tilda is easy to manage, even when the designer has finished a project to you!

The platform has a lot of necessary functions built in. For example, payment by card, mobile phone or PayPal.
The details of each order will be sent to your email, Google Drive or CRM.

There is even an inventory of goods for an online store.

99% of sites can be implemented on Tilda.
This site is also made on Tilda
How will we work
We will have a call to get know each other. Discuss technical task or make it up online. Agree on references and payment.
I will provide a structure and from 2 site design options (usually this is the first page and the block following it).
If the site is on Tilda, I will make it up, create animations, adapt it to all screens, prepare it for SEO. If necessary, I write the code.
I get to know who are your clients and for whom we are making a website. I built the site logic and you approve it.
Based on the chosen concept and site structure, I will design the rest of the pages.
I transfer the site to your Tilda account or give you the files prepared for work, and you give me the rest of the payment. I will write down instructions for using the site.
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